Retractable Patio Screens Houston Texas

retractable patio screen houston

Retractable Patio Screen enclosures or Porch Sun Shades for exterior use are more energy efficient than interior solar shades.  Because they block the sun’s rays before they have a chance to enter and convert to heat, they can save up to 60% in air conditioning costs. Designed to reduce heat transfer, these solar sunscreen fabrics also control blinding glare and reduce fading of carpet, furniture, artwork. Patio shades provide daytime privacy during daylight hours with full vision outwards. Our Retractable Patio Screen Shades are custom manufactured in the USA to fit your exact dimensions. Made of the highest quality materials they are great for patios, patio doors, decks, porches, windows and sliding glass doors. Dark color patio screen fabrics allow more of the view to be seen and absorb heat.  Light color patio screen fabrics allow less visible view, reflect the light and would be better for areas that need more lighting.  Both Dark and Light fabrics have solar protection properties.

Retractable Outdoor Shades, Exterior Patio Screens, Porch Enclosures, or Electric Shades, dramatically increase the energy efficiency of your home while blocking the UV, Glare and Solar heat. Manual Crank control can be seen on video above. Motorized Shades are a breeze to control with our Somfy Remote Control Motor and can be seen in video through “Patio Screen Systems” link at bottom of page.  Sun and wind sensors and timers can be programmed to your shades for complete control, even when you are away from home.

All of our exterior patio screen shades are custom made to your exact specifications. We use only the best fabrics from Phifer, Mermet, and Ferrari; fabrics that are mildew resistant, pet resistant, flame retardant, and designed to withstand the elements. We can custom make your shade up to 16 feet in width with housing and 22’ without.

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